Seniors Comfort

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Pair two highly effective products for vitality in your senior dog!

Young at Heart,™ is a formula designed to give your pet the necessary nutrients to keep their body going strong and functioning properly. While Joint Strong,® was designed to be effective for any dog, by taking the guesswork out of joint support and dosages. Acting as a joint health supplement for dogs, K9 Power's formula helps to restore your dog's comfort with key ingredients, as found in wild diets while reducing inflammation.

By combining Young At Heart & Joint Strong they can be used in all senior dogs to help reduce muscle wasting, delay joint challenges, and put the spring back in the step of your treasured companions!

Simply begin with Young At Heart and add in Joint Strong as needed. You may play with the doses on each product to find the best combination for the individual.

1lb Combo for small breeds

4lb/2lb Combo for medium to large breeds.

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Young at Heart  and  Joint Strong